ZED MOT: Laura Yuile & Mat Jenner @ Generation & Display
'Wandering / Wilding: Blackness on the Internet' - Curated by Legacy Russell @ IMT
Rehana Zaman @ Tenderpixel
Claire Cunningham @ Unity Theatre
Uriel Orlow @ Showroom & Kind of Flossy @ Assembly Point
Cecile B Evans @ Tate Liverpool
'Primitive 2009' - Apichatpong
Weerasethakul @ Tate Modern

UMNLIMITED @ Southbank & Tramway

September in Palais de Tokyo

Disneyland Paris

Yuri Pattison @ Chisenhale

Ragnar Kjartansson @ Barbican

Suicide Squad

George Shaw @ National Gallery




Dinner by Heston Blumenthal


Thorpe Park

Rene and Maggie Get Married

In Atoms, Immix Ensemble and Ex-Easter Island Head @ The Bluecoat

Miss Revolutionary Idol Beserker: Extreme Voices @ Barbican

Bhupen Khakhar & Imran Qureshi

Invisible Rooms @ Tate Liverpool

The Sex Worker's Opera @ The Pleasance Theatre

Live Laugh Love @ Muesli



Fruits of the Lûm @ Crown Building Studios

Beyonce's Lemonade by Aria Dean

Liv Fontaine B2B Liv Wynter


Ryoichi Kurokawa @ FACT, Liverpool

Modern Gardens @ RA: a note on art-dates

Jesse Darling @ Arcadia Missa

Emotional Supply Chains @ Zabludowicz

Sam Shaw ~ may your wishes be fulfilled

Ed Atkins @ Cabinet

Not As We Know It @ Muesli


Trace Programme @ Flo Skatepark

Artist & Empire @ Tate Britain

Liv Wynter @ Skype

Trading Places 2.0 @ 12o


Harun Farocki @ Whitechapel


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