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Hey!!!! how is life going what are you up to?


It is good & busy !!  Working on many different projects atm but I am mostly looking forward to visiting the UK this summer/relaxing/concoting a plan to live in summer forever. 

you sent us a 10 second video of somebody crossing the road with some goats. it’s super cute. 

where did you film it? who was with you? what is going on?


Those goats lived two houses down from my old place.  Every night between 11 PM and midnight their owner would walk them down the st (off leash).  I was with a few friends and we were standing in my driveway I think we were on our way to watch In the Mood for Love at my house but after seeing the goats we got distracted or something... I still haven't seen it. 

Who is the boy dancing in the water? what is going on???? what’s the occasion? where is it? i wish I was there


That's my little brother! We went on a big family trip last summer to Cuba with extended family (there were 12 of us) since soon it may be too difficult for my grandmothers to go on any big trips and we had never done anything like that before. It was one of those trips that was like 10-years in the making lol.  My nanima went in the ocean (I think for the first time??) it was v cute :-)

the hand with beads video stresses me out. i think if it was just an image I would be calm. 


That was in this super beautiful house called the "Kitty Cat Palace". I think it's named after a ghost cat that lives there though a living cat also lives there. It's this Japanese midcentury style home with huge floor to ceiling windows. In the yard they have koi, chickens, quails, there's an orchard, sometimes they host concerts in the bamboo forest.  On this night there was a party down in the orchard- people started spinning fire poi and I was stressed out so I ran back inside and was lying on the couch and took this stressful video lol.  

what did you study?


I studied Geography with a focus on feminist care ethics, urban studies, & food systems. 

how did it make u feel?


At home.  Geography is how my brain works :'-) It was the first department on campus that prioritized relational thinking, and it gave me the language & tools that I had been been looking for.  I really loved the community I found in the dept. and the work I was able to do there.  We are hidden in the attic of one of the liberal arts buildings... almost everyone outside the dept. assumes we are up there memorizing state capitals and looking at rocks lol

Why do people film things rather than photograph them?


TBH when u sent me these Qs at the beginning of the month I answered all of them right away except for this one and I thought "good question but idK ???" I still don't know but when I do video work I think it's because I want to control everything.  If there's text- I want to control how quickly someone can read it.  I want to control the music/audio etc.  On Snapchat or IG (or one of the 9000 ways u can send stories or w/e) I'm more likely to record a video than take a photo but idK why?? Maybe for the same reasons- or maybe because it's funnier?  

we included these videos because there’s something really special about the type of short one shot thing that ends up in your camera roll. like uncut gem type power. like zoomed in and nonsensical. What is it about this type of shot that is exactly what I want to see projected massive on the cinema-size screen of an institution (rather than actual produced films????)? i don’t know do you???


I am always making faces @ the camera like Jim in The Office.  This is usually the situation: someone with a lot of privilege will say something p farfetched as if it was commonsense because of said privilege, limited perspective, etc. and my intial reaction is just a face of shock and confusion.  Maybe I dealt w/ too many microagressions as a kid lol because as hard as I try I can no longer hide my emotions thanks to the imediacy of my reactions lol - I feel like the camera's zooming in on my face and I'm asking the viewers, "is this real?"


Anyway I feel like this type of shot is kinda the same thing and it's like telling everyone that the space you're in that seems normal at first is actually kinda bizarre? The objects or subjects can be pretty ordinary and don't necessarily have to interact w/ the camera but when you look at them more closely (brought to u via rapid zoom) it can make a regular scene seem really strange. I wanna see a full length film of Snapchat style rapid zoom- idk if that would be funny or unsettling.  

and finally ~ ~ ~

what do you want your life to look like?




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