NOV 4TH 2015

By Gabrielle

the barbican estate is a dystopian brown plop and I hate it. still, you should brave the droopy flower brutalist maze bc Eddie Peake *new fave* has a gud show there in the Curve space. lemme paint u a picture->

    [[ [ purple to black gradient perspex bears wearing scarves. a body chillin' with Pinocchio rod penis, chapman brothers^lite (dis guy also wearing a scarf). fainting chair/hard scaffold walkway up up up so you can read the cursive below, where a steel wavy flat man with a box head waits, rolling his booty (his brain ingredients include lemsip and jelly beans). on the curved wall that commands the space, there is a masked-out arc of words lined messy with paint that reads ‘the woman with the shaved head and a voice like a child……cont.’]] ]]]] 

    now, you begin at the end of the wall-sentence, full stop . reverse and read it backwards. snake through the corridors, stopping at a video 4 a spell, dancey click click snap, muscle and sweat, hair and flexing, and a lotta body rolling. This film plays on five screens around the space so you can break it up - liked this ‘cause the full thing is 30 minutes and i can pretty much concentrate for a youtube 3. and this is all still build up!> there is a ROLLER SKATER wheeling round real coooool wearing a translucent dust-suit w nothing underneath, nbd. andddd at the end there are dancers continuing the routine from the video, here doin the mooooves in front of you, and doing so wearing only reeboks. these live performances-alive performers have a game face model-stern expression that is so Zoolander, and so ID/Dazed in the reeboks, against the scaffolding and neon pink wall paint. in the constellation of works big n small these dancers are jupiters/the roller skater a comet / conspiring in a laid-back, youth, idgaf youniverse. 

     I text Zarina to tell her it was rlly really cool and I know sometimes shows that are ‘cool’ hit you with one-two slaps ‘cause they are also excluding, but lucky 4 me i fit the demographic so I felt like i was in on it. speaking my language. self/style/story

    the roller skater flies past, untouchable, but not unreachable.    

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