IM on the @dvdisdead Instagram bc today I want to be where the weather isn’t. i want jaffa cakes and I want to eat art in one concurrent culture digestive tract n The Insta platform is the comfort food rezzy i want to order from :-))) don’t even have 2 do a trip advisor babes because i don't even have to do a trip . n all this is not to say dvdisdead is only serving mac and cheese bc like, i can’t analogise flashy text loop subversions wit cottage pie. ye put PLAINLY, this instagram is showing video works from diff artists month by month and today i am giving it the attention it deserves * * *

ASHLEY HOLMES did October on @dvdisdead in 13 videos (I’m writing bout it now in december bc the internet is forever). The videos - putting music over slow-mo shots from The Bill, rap over trainers bein cleaned uP^, hammering a blackberry (phone)), ‘Mad Ting Sad Ting’ google search, and virtually placing his work in white cube spaces - these are so masc, so LDN, and so jokes. And i beeeeen thinking about ‘jokes’ recently, the having a laughness in art; how sometimes it can be the artist getting out in front of criticism n saying na babes don't even try// their defensive levity can be stifling for the work itself and its reception. When iiii have struggled with this balance between lol and hmm, i’ve put 4ward a persona that hasn’t been tru 2 me. Across the month he posted on DVDISDEAD, Ashely Holmes gets all this right and maybe that’s why I found the videos so satisfying. They are art-referential yeah, all good w/ever, but they retain the artist’s humour;And it’s definitely like, I’M telling this joke::there is a maker totally embedded in these images and soundtracks(8), a specific london male blackness, a tone that we never ever see in the shitty white cube of the art world buttttt hey hoe, u will find such wisdom on the white pube at least (Y), n you can peep it on arty instagrams, too. 

DEC 3RD 2015

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