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July 1/2020

about me

hello, my name is David and I will be here for a month. I will be sharing some things I have written on my eye gaze machine.* Because I am non-verbal and unable to use my arms or legs, my eyes are my voice. Thank you for visiting. 

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About [written by David's family]


David Parnell has suffered two brain injuries during his life, the first occurring at the age of 3 months (due to a viral encephalitis) and another brain injury due to a medical error while in hospital at age 22. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy following his brain injury as an infant and was later diagnosed as quadriplegic and uses a wheelchair for his mobility. His speech and physical movements were impaired due to this injury. 

*About Eye-gaze technology: [written by David's family]


In 2018, we were introduced to Eye Gaze technology to enhance David's communication skills and cognitive abilities. This computerized device uses eye tracking as a way of accessing the computer or communication aid using a mouse that you control with your eyes.  (The eye gaze system works by having lights and cameras that are constantly sending and receiving information. The camera picks up light reflections from David's pupils and translates the movement of his eyes into mouse cursor movements. David selects items on the screen by holding his eye gaze for a certain time).


About David's Residency Support: [written by David's family]


David's sister and mother will be helping him upload his sound material and will be transcribing it for the webpage. David requested that there be photos and videos (taken and uploaded by his sister) to exist side by side his poems as a collaboration.

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July 2/2020

I want to ask a question

I want to ask a question

I want ask a question

Maybe I want to ask a question

Tell me yes or no

I want to ask a question

Can I tell you what I think?

I want to ask a question

I want to ask a question

I want to ask the question

I need more time

Tell me yes or no

I want to ask a question

Tell me yes or not

I want to ask a question

This is how i say yes

This is how I say yes


That's funny

that's funny

that's funny

This is how I say yes

That's funny

This is how I say yes

July 7/2020

do and be


to come

has come

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July 8

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this took me a long time to write

July 12

I am tired of the art gallery

The pain in my hip says more

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July 20

Where do you travel

Why do you travel

Who do you travel for

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July 20



does my body surprise you

does my body inspire you

does my body scare you




my friend

he sees me

that means he does not see

just a body

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