Funding applications are forms you complete and submit to funding bodies, organisations or trusts in the hopes of gaining money to support something you would like to do. In the arts, funding covers all sorts: a gallery’s running costs and programming, artist fees, staff payment, materials, money for research and development, marketing, printing, production, archiving, organisational development, travel… everything really. The arts relies on it. Artists and groups apply for themselves and if they’re lucky, they’ll get something; and big galleries apply to lots of different private and public funders in order to make up their big budgets. But knowing where to start when writing an application can be difficult; knowing who to apply to can be tricky as well. 


This library is a resource of successful funding applications that you can learn from. Personally, I found writing them really confusing until I spent time reading some and then I could finally get a handle on the language used and the way budgets are put together. Take a look below, see if anything is relevant to what you're hoping to do, or learn from other applications' writing and shape. Look at what is being applied to and where, and check out the funders these are addressed to see to if they are appropriate for your project. The library will grow and we’ll try to furnish this page with even more information so that everyone can hopefully secure themselves some £££. 


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  • Some words have been redacted by choice of the people sharing the apps

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Project Grant: organisation application for 12.6K to Arts Council England to fund gallery programme, public programme and staff member for 5 months at OUTPUT gallery in 2018. Liverpool, England.

Project Grant: Individual application for Susie Green, for 12.5K from Arts Council England to pay production costs, travel and artist fees for 3 exhibitions and 2 performances in London, 2018. 

Grants for the Arts (old name for the Project Grant): Individual application for Emily Speed for 14.2K from Arts Council England to create three new artworks, performances, and a publication.

ALSO: PDF for the Evaluation for above Grants for the Arts application by Emily Speed. 

Project Grant: organisation application for 12.9K to Arts Council England for 12ø Collective to produce four major projects.

Project Grant: organisation application for 15K to Arts Council England for an exhibition and artist commissions for 'Next Stop: City Bus at K6 Gallery,' 2018, Southampton.

Project Grant: The Club's Conception (or How the Egg Was Cracked), Project Grant for 7k from Arts Council England for a research project including an exhibition and public programme at Recent Activity in Birmingham, England.

Project Grant: ​Research and Development for 15K from Arts Council England to make a new piece of work in Gloucestershire, England.


Individual application to Arts Council England's DYCP for £6,545 to fund time to write & research novel. No fixed location.

Individual application to Arts Council England's DYCP for £10,770 to fund periods of research, networking, training, travel, the creation of new work, and making practice accessible.

Individual application to Arts Council England's DYCP for £6,510 for artist to shadow and develop methods of co-creation.

Individual application to Arts Council England's DYCP for periods of research, training and development, plus travel to the Arctic Circle.


Proposal for BALTIC Bothy Residency, a week-long residency on the Isle of Eigg + £500 artist fee, selected and funded by BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead and delivered by The Bothy Project, Scotland.

Individual application to Creative Space Residency 2020 for £500 from Contemporary Visual Artist Network North East (CVAN), to complete a self-led project during lockdown.

Artists' Residency at The Forge, Wild Rumpus CIC. No money but accommodation and use of all their space, equipment etc. provided for 3 days.


 Individual application for £350 to the Eaton Fund for artist materials. Liverpool, England.

Individual application for £300 to the Eaton Fund for artist materials, Newcastle, England.



Individual application for 1.3K for an A-N artist bursary for travel and expenses from London to New York for collaboration with a US artist. This also includes the evaluation too. London, England.

Individual application for £1500 to The Bartlett Travel Scholarship and The Iland Research and Travel Scholarship from the Fine Art and Humanities Departments at Newcastle University.

Travel and accommodation cost for job interview from the Going Places Fund, London.

+ Budget for the above application.


Film Commission, gallery application for £1996 to the Elephant Trust to commission new work from artist after other funding fell through. Liverpool, England.

Digital Originals Micro-Grant individual application for $5000CAD from the Canada Council for the Arts to create new video. Manchester, England. (For Canadian residents/citizens only.) 

Individual application for £1992 to the Elephant Trust for Kim Coleman to make a new video and sound work in collaboration with Susie Green.

ALSO: PDF for the Portfolio submitted with the application too.

Individual application for £3000 to the Elephant Trust for a collaborative video and prints project by Laila Majid and Louis Newby - portfolio included. 

Individual application to the Croydon Council Youth Arts Fund for £2000 to fund 'Judgement' (Short Film), Croydon, London.

Queering Camden, £50, applying for an open call out for a commission for a digital piece of work for exhibition, Camden, London. 


Ph.D Reasearch Project Application (Kim Coleman): Funding (worth £15,000 p.a. for 3 years) to SWWDTP to carry out a research project titled "If They Be Two: Relationships in experimental collaborative moving-image practice by women" as a practice-based Ph.D. at Reading School of Art/ Exeter University. 

Note: The funders (SWWDTP) at this point (2017) privileged the written element of the project therefore this proposal needed to emphasise working towards a written thesis  - not the artwork being developed - in order to be successful.

PhD studentship application plus -

accompanying PhD studentship proposal

Link to Uma Breakdown's 2016 successful practice based art PhD AHRC funding application with all milestone submissions (PA, AP1&2), plus all conference applications and funding things done on the PhD are archived.

MA Philanthropic Studies (part time) scholarship; £4,500; BlackBaud; University of Kent



Individual application for Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival / LUX Project Boot Camp 2019, a three-day workshop for artists seeking to develop their new moving image project, Berwick, UK.

Training Bursary (For Certificate in Fundraising at Institute Of Fundraising); £300 (part-contribution); Funder: Film Hub London

Bursary towards Certificate In Fundraising (Institute Of Fundraising); £1500 (part-funded); Funder: RAISE Bursaries


 'Emergency Funding 2020,' individual application for 2.5K from Arts Council England to bridge loss of work in lockdown. Liverpool, England.

Individual application for £1837 to the Freelands Foundation Emergency Fund to cover loss of income in lockdown. London, England. 

Individual application to Stage One's COVID-19 Emergency Fund for 3.6K for living expenses.

ALSO: Link to Guidance for the Stage One grant which is still open for applications at the time of writing.







1. Easier to read Top 10 Tips for funding applications from DASH Arts


2. PDF from 'Writing Applications for Funding: Workshop' by Sophie Chapman, for Into The Wild Artist Development Programme, August 2020

3. We recently made a podcast called 'Everything you need to know about funding.' Search The White Pube on Spotify or Apple Podcasts or listen to it on our website where you can also find the transcription.


4. Link here for Arts Council England's access support for help in completing applications

5.. Link to grant for the Oppenheim Downes Trust for aged 30+ applicants

6a. Link to Arts Council England's Developing Your Creative Practice fund. Grant range is £2k-£10k and it is aimed at individual practitioners for research and development.

6b. Link to Arts Council England's Developing Your Creative Practice list of recent grants given.






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