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jamie janković


Helloooo! My name is Jamie but my local priest calls me sex kitten ;))) Ok so now the jokes r out the way hiya angels I'm a trans femme/non-binary filmmaker slash artist slash poet slash general poor person and I am here this month to let u know that I have recently made a thing! *~* abt growing up not realising I was trans and coping w/ my gender dysphoria through the most amazin female video game characters ever and living vicariously thru character creation systems <3 

...and turns out it's not just me! What started off as a v personal project basically psychoanalysing myself lmao turned into a lovely lil experimental doc thing abt how video games can provide a lot of joy + liberation to marginalised ppl out here in the real world - but also a load of obstacles n restrictions too?? It's a lot but without further ado I am sooo excited to share with u my new film A Woman on the Internet (or, The Eternal Scream) xoxo
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cw: gender dysphoria, suicide, gendered violence

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+++ that's not all folks! This is the second entry in a longer series I've been working on since 2017 called IDENTITY QUEST (all abt longing for ur identity and using gaming as the medium for that) - the first entry being a wonderful short poetry film I made in 2019 with my amazing talented beautiful gorgeous mate and TWP alum Deborah Findlater <3 It's called Outsourcing (My Desires to Avatars) and I'm super stoked to be able to share that here too :)

it takes a fkin village !!!!! i couldn't have made any of these films without all of the beautiful folks that worked on them w/ me so bc they deserve a massive shout-out + all their flowers here we go !!!



deborah findlater

lana peswani

deborah wrote + performed all of the poetry that makes up the heart n soul of Outsourcing 


check out her website! she is a member of black obsidian soundsystem + makes bangin dj sets as ~~~pepper coast~~~ + u can find her socials under this name over at twitter + instagram 

she also got selected recently to do a wysing residency!! so exciting! u can find out more here ༺❤༻

this absolute angel wrote + performed all of the voiced poetry breaks on the island in A Woman on the Internet !!

༻ you can find them over at their twitter + instagram ༺❤༻


xandice armah

a complete babe + co-founder of the legendary gal pals club !!

u can find them over at their twitter + instagram + check out their dj sets for gal pals!!! the SOPHIE tribute one is my fave ❤

matthew moon

imagine ur last name being moon!!! or having a last name that ppl can pronounce!! lucky bastard ❤

this angel is one half of cosmic wonky pop duo kissingband + u can find them over at their instagram and twitter ༺❤༻

carolyn petit

games journalist extraordinaire + one of the most visible trans voices in games critic spaces whose work always inspired me + made me feel seen n a lil warm inside so thank u ❤

you can catch her every wednesday over at feminist frequency radio alongside the amazing anita sarkeesian + ebony adams <3 you can also find her over at twitter + instagram + you can support her work here !!!


charlie shackleton

once made a 10hr film abt paint drying to troll the british board of film classification!!! we stan ❤

u can check out his website here + catch him over at his twitter :)

catherine bray

what a power shot!!! + the nicest person ever!!! head of arts over at little dot studios + u can catch her over at her twitter + instagram ༺❤༻

loop!!! where do i start!! would NOT have been able to make these films without them ❤ they are a production company comprised of charlie, catherine + anthony (shown below) who funded my project alongside two others as part of their inaugural loop fund back in 2018. all this time later and they've been angels ever since, never pressured me into doing anything, no deadlines or admin or schedules or files or w/e, just love n support and if they ever do the fund again i'd strongly encourage u to apply!! their website is here :)

Loop Fund black transparent.png

prof. em. dr. uta brandes


anthony ing

lovely human person who will absolutely still be asked for id at age 63 ༺❤༻ filmmaker + composer who can be found over at his twitter + instagram :)

what a title!!! uta is the first person to head up an academic department specifically focussed on gender in design !!!! iconique


also the co-founder of the international gender design network + you can find their twitter here + their annual award scheme here <3

music producer extraordinaire who makes the most beautiful sounds i have ever heard + kindly allowed me to use a smidge of his beautiful track the birth of venus in my film <333 go check out the rest of the iconic becoming n(one) EP here!!

vibes whilst i was makin the works


support links n stuff

pls consider being a complete babe + donating whatever u can!! <3

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