In April, we recorded our first podcast, 'Is It Art?' which saw us discussing the status of store bought art in terms of class, taste, and academia. In May we were given the opportunity to materialise this debate in Muesli's space at The Royal Standard in Liverpool. Our exhibition there, 'Live Laugh Love' was a move towards levelling Art World heirachies, and the presentation we gave offered to resolve the capital A Artist insecurities that have sidelined and maligned decorative art.

Live Laugh Love

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We sometimes do talks n other jobs but Patreon is how we get paid for the actual writing here - the reviews, art thoughts and so on. it’s important to us to stay independent critics without ties to big funders or institutions, public or private. thank you for being our old timey patrons - we’ll do our best to produce quality output; write stuff that is thoughtful and sincere }

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