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In this first podcast I chat to Claudia Rose Walder. Claudia is 26 and from London. She’s a former fashion stylist with a degree in Journalism, and she is Editor and Founder of Able Zine - a publication and platform for disabled and chronically ill communities, young people and creatives with an interest in diversity, inclusion and health. She has chronic pain and chronic fatigue as part of her disability, as well as complex multi-system issues. Claudia is a really good sick-friend of mine and I thought she’d be a great person to kick off this series of conversations; she’s my style queen and can take any walking stick and make it fashun. We talk mobility aids irl vs online, what it means to express disabled lifestyle, and what our dream mobility shops would look like…enjoy!


Thank you all for listening to this first conversation as part of the mini series of podcasts for MOB-SHOP, really hope you enjoyed listening and hope you tune in for another episode next week!

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