We run a monthly residency where you can be Ruler of the Miss Month page and DO WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES <3 <3 <3 Miss January showed pictures and hid secret links, February kept a poem there. March exhibited her fav profile pictures and April redesigned the homepage and we lav it ALL.
Contact us info@thewhitepube.com if you have an idea and wanna propose what you would do on the site. Do you wanna exhibit your own work, curate, redesign sumthin?
We also approach ppl and offer them the residency if they float the white pube boat ~ ~ ~ sometimes we fall in love n we just gotta have u :* Either way, once we find someone we feel smitten with, we meet face 2 face, or skype if that's not possible bc we havta feel we can trust the person, so we want to get to know them, make sure we're all on the same page, u kno? <3 The residency is open to EVERYONE and is ongoing forever and ever and we have made beautiful friends from this SCHEME and it's going SWIMMINGLY :)