I had to walk a long long way from South Ken. I know the deal right, it’s far away bc nature and shit, Hyde Park I get it. But it was such a long walk that I started wishing I had a little segue hover-board so I could just whizz up and not break a sweat (and like that Wiz Khalifa in the airport aesthetic LAWD I am so here for it).


But it was worth going (unlike the Bill Viola) bc I did like it. I like the building, well done to you gyal Zaha Hadid u did a good job it’s a fascinating space pat urself on t back. And the whole floating suspended screen in the middle of a room is a faboo look, clap urself Rachel Rose.


I liked the vids, they had an ‘illuminati spotted’ vibe which I can get on board with. But equally, you could just plop the vids on vimeo and I didn’t have to walk across half of London to reach them. It was kinda cool, but not super duper Jon Rafman cool. I enjoyed it. But the atmospheric sound that’s trendy atm is annoying. If I wanna hear long droning noises and digital white noise, I’ll let ya know hoe don’t thrust it upon me.


It was good but not great. It was just one of those. By all means, go for yourself and make up your own mind, don’t take my word. For me, the promise they made in the press releases of ‘technology and nature clashing, digital angst etcetcetc’ it didn’t really hold up its end of the bargain, you get me?

By Zarina

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