"Hello from Do Your Own Thing. How are you?


I hope you’re doing well. 

The House of Do Your Own Thing is a party house. It is a house of doing drawing, radio and art, playing music, digital art and DJing and having lots of fun with our friends - I like to party there."

living room new.png
Living Room
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bedroom new.png

DYOT Radio

Drawing of a bed with a spotty duvet
Drawing of a golden dog
kitchen new.png
Cocolate Bourbon
bathroom new new.png
rubber duck
shower with water spraying out
a pink creature sitting in a toilet basin
shark in the shower

Party in the garden!

garden new.png
a yellow creature with fins and a tail
giant snowball

Do Your Own Thing is a Heart n Soul project

Heart n Soul is a place for people with learning disabilities to do activities.


Young people go to Do Your Own Thing. 

Do Your Own Thing is a safe, fun and friendly place with lots of cool activities to take part in. From Radio, Music, DJing, Videos, anything.

girl with a light blue face mask

Lockdown has been a challenge because some people can’t go out and do what they normally do, health and safety reasons because of Corona but then Heart n Soul changed that. They made things better for people.


We can now do online activities everyday now and it feels kind of special and really good. And it’s been really good for me and lots of other people it’s really helped them. Without these activities some people would be having problems at home.


Do Your Own Thing is fun and friendly I like people to see my fine work and the skills that we have and the fine work that we have done, even during this time. Made me feel like enjoyment. Really exciting about the great experience.

girl with a blue face mask

Work from: Alex, Alicia, Amy, Ariel, Archie, Danielle, Ella, Ehima, Isaac, Jared, Jesse, Jesse, Josh, Joe, Kishawn, Max, Reuben, Samir, Samuel, Sam, Sebastian, Trancey Parker, Luca, Mary, Michael, Malachi, Will 

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