when the white pube started to get followers on twitter n insta we were excited but also like, ah who are all these people ? ? we put out a call for art dates as a way to meet ppl, make these internet numbers meaningful, n do away with the forced individualisation + alienation of the internet (as much as we love it lol). if you want to go on an art date ~ which could look like going to a gallery together or a cafe or a park or wherever ~ pls email info@thewhitepube.com and tell us where in the world you are n then if we visit we can try n arrange to meet up :) 

art dates are so generous n a way to make time and places special. we like the idea that people will invite others on art dates, not just us / so if there's someone on the internet that you think is sweet and cool, ask them 2 go on an art date or a friend date <3 so lovely tbh

We have since began collaborating with human pony (hp parmley) on a video series off the back of Art Dates, realising that there is a lot to be learnt n discussed with art world individuals. and so, together the three of us are making a new series of conversational portraits ~ asking artists how they got to where they are, where they want to go next, and how and why they do what they do. 

the season premiered here on AQNB and it is based on our youtube channel - - - will embed the videos here for u

Episode 1: Art Date with DKUK

Episode 2: Art Date with Heather Phillipson