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The White Pube is the collaborative identity of Gabrielle de la Puente and Zarina Muhammad under which we write about art, video games and food. Back in 2015, during our final year of art school, we had a chat about exhibition reviews and how they were boringggg, said nothing, just bad chat by middle class white men. We decided to start writing ourselves and actually state how art made us feel (happy, bored, angry, in love). We tried to write in a way where we would fall through feelings and write about the art along the way (and someone would later tell us this was like embodied criticism; body-first encounters in the gallery). From there, we started to write about the wider creative industry, rally for better conditions, fairer spaces, and more transparency too. More recently, we began to write about video games and food as well, and we are v happy about that. With strong language and adult content, TWP can be found in years and years of writing on this website and on Instagram and Twitter too. We are reader-supported on Patreon thanks to very generous readers - we wouldn't be here without you.

There’s no registered company here, nothing profesh. Gab’s in Liverpool and Zarina is in London and our office is literally WhatsApp. We have part-time jobs and just try and run this as best we can. We’re not the smartest people, not the most entertaining. Not here to cheerlead, not always going to be polite (you try being two young women on the internet, iss madness). Just want to write about stuff that makes us feel some type of way, making writing we are proud of, and think critically out loud. We publish our accounts, run a working class Writers Grant, and we have a growing library of successful funding applications as well. More recently, we brought our podcast back because lockdown! 

We publish a new text every Sunday (written, audio-only and video too). There’s a lot of content on this site and I hope you find some value in it but we also won’t be offended if you couldn’t give a shit. You live your life, my friend. Hope you are well.


zm is currently (2020) critic-in-residence @ the ica. find out more here.


if you want to talk: info@thewhitepube.com

if you want to support: patreon.com/thewhitepube 


* random press this isn't very updated but you know, it is what it is *; ↗️ 'The New Conservatism: Complicity and the UK Art World’s Performance of Progression'/ SSENSE / VOGUEDazed interview / Dazed 100Guardian / Debut Mag/ interview with neighbourhoodpaper mag/ kink / Young Artists in Conversation / huck magazineshutyourgob / gal-dem/ aqnbkajal mag and we r in the march 2017 issue of French GQ lol

zarina's website here, n gabrielle's is outdated; @zarinamuhammad and @come_home_dad ok goodbye!!!


The White Pube web residency is an opportunity for an artist/whoever to takeover our homepage for the month. From Miss January to Priestess October, we have seen exhibitions, short stories, installations and archives, all sorts of things. It's been great. Mostly we contact ppl to offer them a residency, and sometimes it is after someone has put themselves forward via email (info@thewhitepube.com). If you email us, just let us know who you are and give us an idea of what it is you want to do for the takeover. Please note: we prioritise artists from marginalised/precarious groups with the residency and so pls bear that in mind when submitting yourself.


From 2016 - 2018 the residency was unpaid. We started to receive £200 a month from Dazed to write an advice column and we started to use that money to pay current residents £100, and backpay previous years' residents £100 each too. We've paid 2018 & 2019 residents, and are currently paying 2017 & 2020 in conjunction. The Dazed column was ended in lockdown and now we make current + backdated payments to residents from our Patreon income instead.

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jan Nina Mhach Durban

feb Cel Davison

mar Sinae Park