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The White Pube is the collaborative identity of Gabrielle de la Puente and Zarina Muhammad under which we write about art and video games. 99% of all exhibition reviews are boring and don’t really say anything except describing what’s in an exhibition and telling u when it ends. Cba for that. We started The White Pube to actually state how art makes us feel (happy, bored, angry or in love for example); we fall through feelings, and write about the art on the way. With strong language and adult content, TWP can be found here on this website but also on Instagram and Twitter. It might look all big and proper but we cannot stress enough that it is simply the two of us thinking out loud from our respective homes in Liverpool and London. We are the opposite of old white men with posh accents and there’s no office, salary, or registered company involved here. Yes, we understand this is the maddest job we will probably ever do, being critics. We have part-time jobs on the side and some generous readers fund what we write through Patreon. So, if u are new here or could do with a reminder: a heads up that we are not here to be professional or polite, not here to cheerlead, and we are not doing this to suck up to powerful people in the art world. We’re not the smartest people or the most entertaining. Just want to write about art that makes us feel some type of way, and to sometimes critique this industry as a whole and the mad ways it fucks people over. Started writing about video games recently too and enjoying it a lot, finding my feet there.


Since October 2015, we have had our heads down publishing a review or an essay every Sunday rain or shine, so there’s a lot of content on this site now. I hope you find some value in it all but we also won’t be offended if you couldn’t give a shiiiiiit. Art’s not the be all and end all. You live your life, my friend. VBW, GDLP+ZM. 

zm is currently (2020) critic-in-residence @ the ica. find out more here.


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* press *; ↗️ 'The New Conservatism: Complicity and the UK Art World’s Performance of Progression'/ SSENSE / VOGUEDazed interview / Dazed 100Guardian / Debut Mag/ interview with neighbourhoodpaper mag/ kink / Young Artists in Conversation / huck magazineshutyourgob / gal-dem/ aqnbkajal mag and we r in the march 2017 issue of French GQ lol

zarina's website here, n gabrielle's here; @zarinamuhammad and @gabrielledlp ok goodbye!!!

The White Pube web residency is an opportunity for an artist etc to work on a page on the website for a month. From Miss January to Priestess October, we have seen poems and exhibitions and short stories and images and lots of things and it's been v good. mostly we contact ppl to offer them a residency, sometimes ppl are selected from our ongoing open call. If you want to put yourself forward, email and give us an idea of what you would use your month for. Pls note: we v pleased to prioritise artists from marginalised/precarious groups w the residency; pls bear that in mind when submitting urself <3 The residency is not funded unfortunately - but funding is in our hopes n dreams for 2018 xxx Thank you to our residents past present n future. you angels >>>> [edit: from 2016 - 2018 the residency was unpaid. we now receive £200 a month from dazed for writing an advice column. we use this money to pay current residents £100, and backpay previous years residents £100. we've paid 2018 & 2019 residents, and are currently paying 2017 & 2020. it's an admin nightmare but v worth it bc not being able to pay residents for 2 years was j not The One (TM)]

{ the only reason The White Pube can still exist is because some of our readers choose to support us each month via Patreon. We sometimes do talks n other jobs but Patreon is how we get paid for the actual writing here - the reviews, art thoughts and so on. it’s important to us to stay independent critics without ties to big funders or institutions, public or private. thank you for being our old timey patrons - we’ll do our best to produce quality output; write stuff that is thoughtful and sincere }

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