April 2024: Recipient 044, Arzoo Gurung

The 44th recipient of the Creatives Grant is Arzoo Gurung! Arzoo is an artist working in London, what grabbed my attention literally immediately was their paintings. Some in vignette style, splicing across the canvas like split-screen dual monitor visuals, painting as collage. The figures are deft and purposefully clunky, rendered with the kind of painterly flatness that feels like a cheeky, knowing conceit. I love it when painters mess around with space and surface like that because it feels like a kind of confidence, if it’s done well it’s almost cocky. My favourite energy, I am so glad we’re able to support Arzoo’s practice with this grant because I actually really love their work. We hope you also find a similar satisfaction in it!


Arzoo Gurung grew up in Nepal before moving to the UK at a young age. They currently work in London, where they create collage paintings, drawings, and prints. Their artwork is a combination of abstract and figurative styles and serves as a means by which they capture fragments of their home, existence, and identity in new and unfamiliar territories.