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We are bringing back The White Pube podcast, yessss. We used to have one when we were in university together and it was easy to start recording the conversations we were already having in the studio. After Gab moved back to Liverpool it was a bit harder to catch those moments, but now we are in coronatimes - zoom times - and it is back on the menu for good. We start this new era of The White Pube Podcast with our origin story on the occasion of our FIFTH BIRTHDAY and incase anyone wants to hear the whole mad tale, but please look forward to future episodes including artist interviews, the culture we love and hate, funding advice, chats with clever friends, and god knows what else but let's see. Enjoy!!!! 

You can subscribe on APPLE, SPOTIFY, GOOGLE, BREAKER, POCKET CASTS, RADIO PUBLIC & ANCHOR / below! You can also find the transcriptions of episodes on this page too written by Michael Lacey.


Everything you need to know about funding

This time you don’t just have to put up with us telling stories and making each other laugh - this episode is actually USEFUL, thank GOD. It is the funding episode! And for it, we are joined by Anna Hart who is going to talk us through everything you need to know about (arts) funding (in the UK). We wanted to rope Anna into this podcast episode to do an explainer on funding because she's the one that taught us the ins and outs. And it’s tricky - like honestly what is it, how do I get some for myself, and where is the money coming from? In this episode, we chat about the logistics of arts funding, the criticisms of it too, and offer some tips on writing a good application. Have a listen and hope it is useful!



Kardashians & Kottagecore

This episode of our podcast is, quite frankly, a continuation of last episode's mild chaos. We talk about reality TV: why we love(d) it, what we can't stand now we're in pandemic-lockdown, and what we'd do if we were mind-bogglingly rich. We chat about That Tweet about Kim Kardashian's birthday, and why being a millionaire is FUCKING DESGOSTENG, but also, for some unknown reason, Gab tells us a story about how her driving test was terminated for dangerous driving!? I promise next episode we'll have some actual art content that is useful and serious, we've just got that end-of-year feeling; wana bunk off French lessons, or watch a film in class on the box telly, instead of doin work. 



The culture that saved us in lockdown

This second episode of our much-lauded podcast is a lil lockdown special where we chat about the bits o' ~culture~ that've been getting us through the hellscape that is 2020. We chat about Gab's freaky psychic connection with the radio, (romantically speaking) why Zarina loves period dramas, and like... a lot of wheezy laughing away from the microphone, and tryna hold in an enormous honking snort laugh while Gab tells a story about how she nearly proposed on a bungee jump in the Millennium Dome. All Quality, Top-Notch, Intellectual, high-brow Art Critic stuff.



We start this new era of lockdown podcasting with the full origin story of how we came to begin our little website and why, again wtf, five years later it is still our actual job. Covering uni, values, audiences, writing, travel and the move into games, we go through every little step of this journey in detail. Most of our freelance work over the past few years has involved doing a 1 hour version of this talk in different art schools and galleries, so reaaaally, we are shooting ourselves in the foot a bit by putting the ultra deluxe version online. Oh well. 


the only reason The White Pube can still exist is because some of our readers choose to support us each month via  Patreon 


We sometimes do talks n other jobs but Patreon is how we get paid for the actual writing here - the reviews, art thoughts and so on. it’s important to us to stay independent critics without ties to big funders or institutions, public or private. thank you for being our old timey patrons - we’ll do our best to produce quality output; write stuff that is thoughtful and sincere }

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