We teamed up with @craftycarolynGB, ie. gab’s MUM, for a limited run of masks. You lot asked for it and we are deliveringggg. These are non-medical masks with the white pube logo embroidered on it. And we've got various colours so for a bit of fun we are offering 25 of these and when you buy it's just a lucky dip for what colour we send out to you. Check out the picture for all the different colours you might get.


These masks are hand-made, 3 layers, 100% cotton and have elastic ear loops that come with a silicon cord lock toggle so you can adjust the size (or just take the adjuster off completely if the size is right). FREE DELIVERY, LOOKS COOL, SUPPORTS TWP AND ONE TWP MUM. Also supports the CAUSE because let’s all wear masks honestly forever, try and protect yourself and other people as best you can.


The White Pube logo was re-designed earlier this year by Amad Ilyas and we love it :) so cool to see it on a mask tbh!



  • Size? 5.5” high, 9.5” wide, 3.5” for elastic unstretched and it stretches to approximately 7” 
  • Can you put filters in? No
  • Washing advice? We tried putting ours in a wash bag and washing at 60 degrees C with the toggles off and it was fine, so we would say that these can be washed up to 60 but it is also up to you - can be lower temps or handwashed too.
  • What if you take the toggle off but wanna put it back on? See the image above or put thread and loop it through a sewing needle, poke that needle through the toggle, loop the needle around the elastic and push the needle back through the toggle in the opposite direction that you first did and pull it through so that the elastic is pulled through as well.

the white pube logo mask: colour is LUCKY DIP BABY

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