Gabrielle de la Puente
25th Mar 2k16

What do you actually want from an exhibition? To give your eyes things they like? To be moved, entertained, surprised? I feel like a different person every week because I go to exhibitions to have conversations that will help in my growing sideways/mindways. Art like baby milk for baby critic gods, exhibitions for formula, talc, ingredients. 


I’m at Emotional Supply Chains @ Zabludowicz rn and enjoying/learning/keeping these good ways to show videos - and mmm I like the back room so much. I’m thinking of it in terms of the presentation as opposed to the catwalk in fashion; a stiller, and still glitzy production. And I’m feeling a spot under construction on my chin, and walking past a boy I ghosted on Tinder, and I’m feeling proud of myself for sitting through most of the videos all the way through,,,,happy it was worth it:


I liked that David Raymond Conroy’s ‘You (People) Are All The Same’ got out in front of itself, and I mean that like, when you know you look bad so you bring it up to your company even though they never even mentioned anything… And, yeah, I hate self-deprecating men but it’s nice when they admit it lol. This soured the video in a really tasty way because it gave it inevitablism. The work had answered itself before it had even asked a question. It was confrontational and honest. Plus, it had the intro/outro music from the Serial podcast, which excited me for some reason, maybe because SE2 has been so bad and in the the video the artist describes being heartbroken by America lol 


(and there was some other good stuff but really,) I wanna dedicate this review to Korakrit Arunanondchai. His video in the main hall is just this special portrait-fairytale, so self-reflexive and sensitive. *This* was the piece that made me grow, because it synthesised a flashy vimeo production style and a faint south-east asian music video choreography with the supple character of a young savant, lil insightful kid, who has grown up feeling out his philosophy as shaped by his context - considering heaven, democracy, reality, aesthetics, technology, spiritualism and Buddha. This holistic being / the expanded life I want to reach. These two modes are held together by the Naga water spirit he fictionalises, graphicises. It is so contemplative and patient where it could be antagonistic - NATURE versus TECHNOLOGY fiiiightttttttt, and it’s not that he poo poos this discourse, he moisturises it. At the end he is in a forest, face to face with a drone. ‘Looking at you reaffirms my humanity.’ They go on, together. And like, this is real, and HD, magical and calm, a sincerity that helps the shots that might seem “fashionable” - like the crowd on a rooftop with the Bangkok City City rap at the beginning. He does not dichotomise, he levels, and he does so with an intention and execution that I really loved. “Fashionable” might be the perfect word anyway/actually. The video declares its own contemporaneity and, well, it looks cool. 


So There was a tonne of STUFF but these are the two I got…Stuff out of. On another day I might (probably-definitely-fickle-y) write something different. goodbye enjoy your bank holiday weekend xxxxxxxx